The 10-year Review at a glance



Needs Assessment

The Stakeholder Needs Assessment evaluated the degree to which the ABMI has met its Stakeholder Engagement objectives. The review involved a 3-pronged engagement strategy including interviews, surveys and workshops. A results report from this process was shared with the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) overseeing the Needs Assessment process.

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Science Review

During 2017, ABMI staff and contractors evaluated the ABMI’s various scientific activities such as sampling design, protocol development, and data analysis. The team involved created a synthesis report describing the extent to which the ABMI had met its scientific program goals. ABMI Science Directors, Dr. Jim Schieck and Dr. Stan Boutin, oversaw the process to ensure its comprehensiveness and accuracy.

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Review process and accountability

Introduction to the 10-year Review Process and Governance

The Needs Assessment and Science Review processes were overseen by Steering Committee, and facilitated by external consultants.

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results and recommendations

Steering Committee recommendations and outcomes

The Steering Committee evaluated whether the ABMI achieved its engagement and scientific goals and provided recommendations to the Board.

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“The Committee described the ABMI’s progress to date as a “monumental achievement” and emphasized that its comprehensive approach (taxonomic breadth, spatial scale of monitoring and temporal scale of monitoring) to environmental monitoring is unique in the world. They emphasized that they believe the ABMI’s work is “extremely beneficial to stakeholders and the public and well worth the dollar investment.”

Jeff Bellinger
Science Expert Committee Report

Have Questions or Feedback?

The ABMI’s 10-year Science and Program Review was built around listening to our partners and stakeholders. We welcome questions, comments, or suggestions about the review process or output.

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