What they found:

After reviewing the information provided to them and listening to the answers ABMI staff provided in response to a wide range of questions, the Science Expert Committee (SEC) concluded that the ABMI:

  • is doing a very good to excellent job fulfilling its goals and objectives;
  • has exceeded the expectations it set out for itself ten years ago; and
  • is a great example of a long-term biodiversity monitoring program.

The SEC described the ABMI’s progress to date as a “monumental achievement” and emphasized that its comprehensive approach (taxonomic breadth, spatial scale of monitoring and temporal scale of monitoring) to environmental monitoring is unique in the world. They emphasized that they believe the ABMI’s work is extremely beneficial to stakeholders and the public and well worth the dollar investment.

While the SEC noted that there are a number of areas where the ABMI may want to consider modifying its approach to biodiversity monitoring as it moves forward, its overall approach to monitoring over its first ten years has been a major success.

The SEC encouraged the ABMI to be more direct in defining the value proposition of its programs and services. It emphasized that the ABMI’s programs and services provide the evidence required to inform a wide range of fundamentally important policy and management decisions.

Finally, the SEC also concluded that the ABMI has developed very rich databases and needs to be more aggressive in sharing and marketing this information.


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The ABMI’s 10-year Science and Program Review was built around listening to our partners and stakeholders. We welcome questions, comments, or suggestions about the review process or output.

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